Welcome to Eagle Rock

The lovely city of Eagle Rock is bordered by the city of Glendale on the north and west, Highland Park on the southeast, Glassell Park on the southwest and the cities of Pasadena and South Pasadena on the east. The major thoroughfares include Eagle Rock Boulevard and Colorado Boulevard, with Figueroa Street along the eastern boundary. The Glendale and Ventura freeways run along the district’s western and northern edges.


Eagle Rock was recently noted as one of the top ten “hottest” housing markets in the nation!

Interesting tidbits about Eagle Rock:

  • The neighborhood is inhabited by a wide variety of ethnic and socioeconomic groups and the creative class. Over the past decade the Eagle Rock and neighboring Highland Park have been experiencing gentrification, and has become a favored housing area.  Eagle Rock has been home many famous motion picture actors and actresses, along with writers and others involved in the industry.  Young urban professionals, and those with families are drawn to the “small town” feel that Eagle Rock is noted for.

  • Eagle Rock has always been a popular filming location for many major motion picture studios.  Especially with it’s close proximity to Hollywood and the studios. Some notable films have had scenes shot around this community, including Top Gun, Hunt for Red October, and a second-season episode of The O.C. Star Trek III was partially filmed on the campus of Occidental College. This campus also served as “California University” in the 1990s television series, Beverly Hills, 90210. Quentin Tarantino filmed parts of Reservoir Dogs here and in neighboring Highland Park. Other movies filmed almost entirely in Eagle Rock include; all of the exterior scenes of The Incredible Shrinking Woman starring Lily Tomlin, Record City with Ed Begley, Jr. was filmed in its entirety in a defunct auto paint shop, and The Unwed Father starring Timothy Bottoms had all of its exterior location shots filmed on the Eagle Rock High School campus. More recently, Avril Lavigne’s music video “Complicated” was mostly shot in the Eagle Rock Mall as well as some scenes from the popular TV show, Glee. One scene from 500 Days of Summer was also shot in one of the streets intersecting Hill Drive.  Sons of Anarchy, a currently popular show, has been sighted filming scenes at the Italian Bakery, located on Colorado Boulevard.

  • Some of the architecture of Eagle Rock has been featured as well; a house on the 5200 block of Shearin Avenue was used during the 1984 filming of Teen Wolf, starring Michael J. Fox, and a house on the 4900 block of College View Avenue was used during the 1975 filming of The Day of the Locust, starring Donald Sutherland.

  • Ben Affleck, a former Occidental College student, lived on Hill Drive with then-roommate and co-writer Matt Damon while they wrote the script for Good Will Hunting, which would go on to win them a Best Original Screenplay Academy Award.

  • Eagle Rock is the site of Occidental College, more recently brought into the public eye when it was revealed that our current president attended school there.  Interestingly, Occidental College, was first established in Boyle Heights in 1887 but a fire destroyed its original site in 1896; from there the college moved to Highland Park and then to Eagle Rock in 1914. The campus was designed by architect Myron Hunt.

School Information


Public Schools

  • Eagle Rock Elementary School
  • Dahlia Heights Elementary
  • Rockdale Elementary School
  • Toland Way Elementary School


Middle/High Schools

  • Eagle Rock High School (also serves as a middle school)
  • Renaissance Arts Academy


Private Schools

  • St. Dominics Catholic Elementary
  • Fushion Academy (Charter)  


*Informational – not necessarily a complete list.