Welcome to Echo Park

Full of life with an interesting and varied cultural history, Echo Park is a wonderful, diverse area of Los Angeles.


Sharing borders with Elysian Park and our famous Dodger’s Stadium, as well as it’s close proximity to Chinatown and Olvera Street, Echo Park’s history is rich with artistic and multicultural diversity.  Many people of different cultures have called this area home.

Interesting facts about Echo Park include:

  • Echo Park began to be a popular place of residence in and around the 1890s, when the Los Angeles street car line was extended.  By this time, City of Los Angeles had begun to turn the land immediately surrounding the lake into a park, and individuals started to establish businesses and residences along Sunset and around the lake.

  • In Northern Echo Park, in an area once known as Edendale, most ofthe silent films made during theearly years of film, were made in one of the studios housed on what is now Glendale Boulevard.

  • As well as being culturally diverse, Echo Park has been home to a wide variety of social strata.  Historically, and even to this day, it is home to to wealthy business people, families, artists and free-thinkers. 



Along with its close proximity to Downtown Los Angeles, Echo Park has several historic “claim to fame”.  Among these are its very popular lake and more than two dozen stairways in and among the hillsides of the area.  Many are public walkways and have been/are critical to residents residing in Echo Park.  Echo Parks hilly topography makes these stairways very practical.  One in particular to note is the Baxter Stairway: Climbing the more than 230 steps will leave you in awe or in cardiac arrest. The top of the stairs is across the street from Elysian Park and its many walking trails. Located on Baxter Street, three blocks east of Echo Park Ave.  Baxter Street has been noted as one of, if not the, steepest street in Los Angeles.

School Information


Public Schools

  • Elysian Heights Elementary
  • Clifford Street Elementary
  • Mayberry Street Elementary
  • Gabriella Charter)
  • Logan Street Elementary


Private Schools

  • D.C. Academy
  • Golden West Christian
  • Baxter Montessori


*Informational – not necessarily a complete list.


Some notable residents of Echo Park include:

Jackson Browne, Musician  /  Leonardo DiCaprio, Actor  /  Glenn Frey, Musician  /  Eric Garcetti  /  Marilyn Horne, Soprano

John Huston, Film Director  /  Paul Landacre, Artist  /  Shia LaBeouf, Actor  /  Henry Jay Lewis, Musical Conductor

Edward Middleton Manigault, Painter  /  Steve McQueen, Actor, lived on Vestal Street in 1955  /  Art Pepper, Jazz Musician

Leo Politi, Artist and Illustrator  /  Jackson Pollock, Artist  /  Elliott Smith, Musician, Singer, Songwriter  /  J. D. Souther, Musician